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If I am only happy for myself, many fewer chances for happiness.

If I am happy when good things happen to other people, billions more chances to be happy. 

The Dalai Lama

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Agahatha Yoga

888 Kinderkamack Road

River Edge, NJ 07661

tel. 201 693 8492


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Agahatha Yoga

888 Kinderkamack Road, River Edge NJ 07661

Tel: 201 693 8492

Students can also register by  texting 201 693 8492


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Agata Stelmark

Agata the owner of the studio completed with excellence the Yoga Teacher Training Program with Mandy Grant accredited by Yoga Alliance. In addition, she is certified in Prenatal/Postnatal and  Yin Yoga. She teaches a variety of classes from Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Gentle, Restorative, Prenatal, Yin,  Kids and Adults.

She helps kids with sport injury prevention, with the recovery after illness or surgery. She loves sharing the practice of yoga with others. Agata believes yoga should be beneficial and accessible to all. Yoga is supporting not just the body but the mind as well.

You will move powerfully and with intention linking breath and movement together creating a practice of mindfulness.


Agata is a CPR, AED, BLS instructor affiliated with American Heart Association.

She is a CCRN certified, and a member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. She acquired an extensive experience with orthopedic patients while working at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

She also specialized  with Cardiology after working in HUMC Open Heart for 14 years.

Yoga is her passion, inspiration, and positive way of life.

Yoga Tori.jpg

Tori is a passionate yoga teacher that loves helping her students find peace and feel good. She has enjoyed teaching yoga since September 2017. She has completed 500 hours of studying yoga, meditation and chakra work with Raji Thron of Yoga Synthesis. Chakra work, sound healing, breath work, pressure points, energy meridians and intelligently sequencing poses are some of the things she enjoys incorporates into her classes. Before teaching yoga she has taught other sports including her childhood favorite, gymnastics. Being a competitive gymnast during her childhood has taught her correct alignment and body awareness from a very young age. Outside of class she enjoys hiking, gardening, and watercolor painting.

Tori Karach
Patrice LaRose-Gramuglia

Yoga Alliance ERYT 200


Yoga Nidra

Reiki Master

Certified Yoga for Breast Cancer

Certified Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga

Yoga has always been a part of Patrice’s life. Her passion for yoga began in her living room with her mother, sisters and brothers when she was a small child. Throughout her life, yoga has always been there  to compliment physical activities and to calm the body and mind.

Patrice completed her 200-hour teacher training in Structural Yoga at the Stone Center for Yoga Health under the guidance of Charlotte Stone in 2013.  She is further certified to instruct Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Cancer and has taught Yoga for Bone Strength for people with Osteoporosis and Osteopenia at Stone Yoga.

Teaching and sharing the gift of yoga is a something she loves to do. She loves teaching yoga because she wants to help relieve others of stress, as well as help others build strength, flexibility and confidence.  

Patrice has taught multiple Gentle Yoga and Reiki workshops as well as many Yoga Nidra workshops. Corporate Yoga and Chair Yoga classes.


I have been practicing yoga and meditation since 1992 .Over the years I  explored various aspects of yoga. As a young woman I started practicing yoga with intent of improving physical health and appearance. As years went by I discovered physical and spiritual aspects of yoga and meditation and my inspiration was a book by Eric Shiffman. While working as a technology executive I discovered the importance of yoga and meditation in leading work life balance . I believe meditative aspects of yoga help manage stressful work and life environment . 


My personal practice includes  Vinyasa , Hatha , Restorative  , Yin and Iyengar yoga styles . I  have Clarity, Confidence and Compassion in my teaching style and  keep learning from other great yoga teachers.  Every class I teach is different and  unique. My classes are focused on improving health and happiness in the lives of my students. 

Marina Abbu
Kelly Weiss 2.jpg

Kellie Weiss Is a Mother of 5 children ranging from 24-15 years old . Kellie studied Exercise physiology and Physical education . She teaches yoga mindfulness and meditation to special needs children at South Bergen Jointure . She has been practicing yoga for about 10 years and received her yoga certification at Juluka yoga of Hillsdale . Kellie enjoys spending time on the beach ,taking long walks , cooking and spending time with friends and family .

Kellie Weiss

Sandy is a 200-hour RYT Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. She earned her certification with Mandy Grant and Soo Yoon at Juluka Yoga School.

Sandy has also obtained her PhD in Psychology from Fordham University and enjoys weaving both studies into her practice. She enjoys guiding her students to find harmony, mental clarity and stability through asanas, meditation and spiritual wellness. Sandy enjoys traveling with her husband and two sons. She also loves to spend time with her dog, Benny and the beach is her very favorite place. You can expect to feel replenished and at peace when you share your practice with Sandy

Sandy Vazquez

Ewelina has been practicing yoga for many years but it was during her last pregnancy that she discovered her passion to share the wonderful benefits of yoga with others. Yoga helped calm her mind and relieve common pregnancy complaints, connect with the baby, and prepare for labor and birth. After completing the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Soul Practice Yoga, she quickly followed up with her prenatal certification. In addition to her yoga instructor role, Ewelina serves expecting parents as a Doula and Lamaze Childbirth Educator. She is passionate about maternal and infant health and believes that yoga is one of the ways to discover physical and mental strength during and after pregnancy and to find the village every mom needs. When she is not working with expecting parents, she stays busy with her two children, bakes bread, and goes for hikes. 

Ewelina Hauck

I am an Usui Reiki master and have been practicing Reiki for about fifteen years. In addition, I became a Karuna Reiki master and was attuned to Shoden and Okuden in Jikiden Reiki. When I was initially attuned to Reiki, it completely changed my life.


What is Reiki?

Rei= God/Universal Life Force

Ki= Japanese word for energy


I act as a conduit for God/ Universal Life Force energy to flow through me for you. Reiki offers you stress reduction and relaxation to allow healing to occur. I will NEVER promise you a miracle, but I do promise that you will receive energy from God/ Universal Life Force. Since I have been practicing Reiki, I have either given hands on Reiki or sent it to at least two thousand people. I am truly grateful to be a Reiki master and to share this incredibly beautiful energy with you. It is a gift that is my pleasure to share.


Please come with an open mind and an open heart.

Audrey Ruhlmann
Linda M 2.JPG

Linda was first introduced to Kundalini Yoga in 2016 and in 2020, she completed her KRI Level One (220-hour) Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.  As a Clinical Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, she has many years of experience working in hospitals, research and corporate wellness before opening her private practice in 2003.  She recognized that being well nourished is about more than just the food we choose to eat for our body.  It’s about how we nourish ourselves in other ways as well, including what we feed our mind and spirit.  She understands how the food we eat communicates with our unique individual biochemical make-up and has a direct influence on whether we end up with disease in our body or not.  As a Specialist in Functional Nutrition, Linda brings together her unique understanding of nutrition and her passion for yoga to provide a meaningful and effective experience for her students.  For more information about Linda or her practice, visit

Linda McLachlan
Ileana Abrams.JPG

Ileana Abrams, RYT, is a certified Stone Yoga teacher.  She began her yoga journey as a form of exercise that helped to alleviate aches and pains in her body.  She soon realized all the added benefits of this physical expression; she found a place on her mat that provided her a calm and balanced mind.  In her years of training she has attempted to bring that mindset to every part of her life including the corporate environment she works in.  Ileana enjoys working with props to both help make poses more accessible to her students and to deepen one’s practice.  Classes focus on alignment combined with a method of finding inner peace no matter where you are, on or off the mat.  Ileana’s journey has deepened her sense of mindfulness in everything she does and has provided a forum for self-discovery which is her message to all of her students.

Ileana Abrams

Substitute Teachers:


Kathryn E. Livingston has been practicing yoga for 18 years. A breast cancer survivor, Kathy found Kundalini Yoga to be a wellspring of courage, trust and joy. She completed her Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Gurudass Kaur Khalsa in 2014; in 2021 she completed an additional Kundalini Warrior 200-hour online certification through Yoga Farm Ithaca, a feminine-inspired, trauma-informed training, and an online 200-hour Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy certification. Kathy is also the author of the memoir ​Yin, Yang, Yogini: A Woman’s Quest for Balance, Strength and Inner Peace (Open Road Media). She teaches regularly on Zoom at Montclair Kundalini Yoga.  

Her spiritual name, Harjot, means “light of the creative Divine." Kathy strongly believes that Kundalini yoga is for everybody and every body.

Kathryn Livingston
LIza  2.JPG

Liza Torres RYT-500 hours. Through the ups and downs of life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc., my attraction to yoga began with meditation to help heal the mind, shortly after, discovering movement on the mat. Once I found an inner-stillness after joining mind with body via the breath, I discovered my passion, and knew I had to teach the benefits of yoga to others!  

Since becoming a certified yoga teacher, I’ve taught a range of students spanning in ages and mobility, from power vinyasa flows to chair yoga. While teaching how to lengthen and strengthen at gyms and studios throughout New Jersey, I also teach chakra-based classes, as well as chakra workshops. Whether on a mat or on a chair, teaching power or gentle flows, my classes unite mind and body to help access your own inner-guru.  

Liza Torres

Melissa Varjan is a 500hr yoga teacher, a licensed massage therapist, and a personal trainer. Fitness and wellness is a huge part of her identity. Melissa has been teaching yoga for just about 10 years and it is her greatest passion. She enjoys working with everyone from beginners to D1 athletes, and everyone in between. Her classes are loaded with options so that you can make the practice work for you. No matter what level you're at or limitations you may have: yoga is for you. You can expect to sweat, laugh, and learn in her vinyasa-style flow classes.

Melissa Varjan

Wandering like a lost soul, I found myself through yoga.  The practice of self healing, aligning breath with movement is what motivated me to begin my journey.  My name is Lavina Wadhwani and I have been practicing Yoga for the last 12 years.  I firmly believe that to practice yoga, you do not need to be physically flexible, rather mentally.  It is more about the connection you build with yourself and finding your path.  Our different paths lead us to the same destination.  My goal as a yoga instructor is to bring good energy and vibrations in to the room filled with beautiful souls.



Lavina Wadhwani

Laurie has always been attracted to movement and music. She started dancing when she was four years old and continued to perform as a dancer, singer and actress throughout high school and college. Laurie discovered yoga for the first time when she was in college - taking the occasional class here and there - and then started practicing regularly in 2010 after her children were born. Yoga really resonated with Laurie; she spent the next few years discovering her practice and eventually earned her RYT-200 certification through Yoga Alliance and Mandy Grant of Juluka Yoga in 2015. In addition, Laurie became a Certified Anti-Gravity Instructor (CAGI) in 2016 while studying under Christopher Harrison (the Creator of Anti-Gravity and the aerial yoga genre) and Eileen Kielty. She received her Yin Yoga certification in 2016 through Sacred Sounds Yoga in NYC under the direction of Masako Miyakawa. She earned her Chair Yoga certification through Juluka Yoga and received her BollyX instructor certification in 2017. Laurie also completed Kula for Karma's advanced yoga teacher training (Yoga for Eating Disorders and Negative Body Image) in 2019. Laurie currently teaches Yoga, Anti-Gravity and Creative Movement to adults and children at several studios and schools in Bergen and Rockland County. As an E-RYT-200, Laurie is a recognized YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). In her spare time, Laurie is an avid crafter. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Vyoma Essentials, a Bergen County-based business that features hand-crafted products for the body, soul and home. 

Laurie MIller-Donnis
Diane Kappes

Diane Kappes, RYT certified Stone Yoga teacher and registered National Yoga Alliance instructor. She was first introduced to yoga at a time in her life when she needed to focus on her own well being. Yoga has had a major impact on her life so much so that she wanted to deepen her practice, therefore, attended Stone Center for Yoga and Health's Yoga Teacher Training program in 2011.  She teaches in the respectful, joyful approach in which she is certified, and she invites her yoga students to enjoy the many benefits (on and off the mat) she found in her yoga practice; greater strength, increased flexibility, and a calmer, more mindful, healthy lifestyle. She is deeply committed to providing a safe environment for her students, be it in the practice of the yoga poses (asanas), the breathing techniques, the relaxation techniques, or meditation techniques. 


Diane is a Licensed Massage and a certified Reiki Practitioner. She resides in Bergen County with her husband and two Beagles.


~”Being well for me means having balance in mind, body and spirit.”

Nicolette 3.jpg

Nicolette is a registered Occupational Therapist with a speciality in pelvic floor therapy and a graduate of 200 hour yoga teacher training with Mandy Grant and Soo Yoon. She has been doing yoga since she was a teenager after feeling the benefits of practice on and off the mat. She uses her knowledge of anatomy to craft creative and intentionally designed classes to help anyone and everyone access yoga. What can you expect in her classes? A mix of strengthening, relaxation, meditation and pranayama all set to a carefully curated playlist.

Nicolette Spaccavento

A yoga asana practice found Rachel when she was a teenager to manage migraines and a knee injury. Fast forward 20+ years and Rachel has been on and off the mat as life allows, experimenting and discovering Ashtanga yoga and a regular vinyasa/hatha yoga practice. She has studied with Pepper Pavlish and is an ongoing student of Bonnie Ringer.


As an RYT-200, Rachel seeks to incorporate as many modalities as possible into each class, including mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation and asana, carefully explaining each pose and its benefits while offering modifications as needed. As the Bhagavad Gita says, "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”


Outside of class, Rachel enjoys gardening, cooking authentic Italian dishes with her daughters, a voracious appetite for reading, dance parties, museums, and traveling adventures!

Rachel Rosen
Virginia 2.JPG

Virginia has been an art teacher in the New Jersey Public School system for over 20 years. She has a passion for teaching what she loves. In 2013 she became a 200- hour certified yoga instructor.  She earned her certification studying with Charlotte Stone at Stone Yoga in Teaneck, NJ.  


Virginia found Yoga in 2009 as a way to reduce stress.  She fell in love with the practice. The benefits she discovered were immediate.  Earning a teaching certificate seemed like a natural next step. She truly believes Yoga has the power to transform and enjoys working with all students to share her knowledge and love of Yoga.  With a sense of humor and always a fun playlist Virginia creates classes that are perfect for all levels. Her classes are challenging, fun and unpredictable.

Virginia Fernandez

I'm  practicing Kundalini Yoga  for at least 14 years but I completed International Teacher Training Level one program (220 hr) in Kundalini Yoga as thought by Yogi Bhajan in 2018. I started Level 2 in 2019 and I'm still in the  process.

This is 3000 years old proven path and we using the original version.

Kundalini Yoga I'm  practicing is specifically for householders  to  transform and awaken  consciousness, strengthen nervous system and  improve overall heath. I'm very passionate about what I'm doing and fell strong importance to share it.

Malgosia Wachowiak
Adam Stafinski
Amrit Jodha (Spiritual Name)

Adam / Amrit Jodha began his journey with Kudalini Yoga & Meditation in 2019, having absolutely no previous yoga experience or steady practice.  He immediately fell in love with this ancient practice technology, its loving and supportive community and its benefits.  The combination of physical exercises, breathing techniques, eye focus, hand mudras, and mantra and meditation have an uplifting and blissful effect, and meet the practitioner “exactly where you’re at”, thus making it accessible to everyone.

  The daily practice completely transformed his life in many positive ways, including healing from depression, anxiety, and addiction.  Amrit strongly believes that continued commitment and devotion to spiritual practice brings out our self-healing ability, but also true joy, peace, and prosperity in our daily lives.  It sheds the multiple layers of conditioning to expose our Sat Nam, our True Self, and connects us to our “Higher Self”, therefore having a very empowering and uplifting effect on our entire experience of “life”.

Amrit completed KRI Level One Teacher Training in late 2020, and continues to train in Level Two Kundalini Yoga & Meditation courses.  He also completed a Sound Healing training through the Divine Gong in 2021.

His given spiritual name, Amrit Jodha Singh means:  The Lion who, by receiving the heartfelt nectar of God’s divine grace, embodies the courage of a spiritual warrior.

Amrit extremely passionate about and is happy to share the teachings of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with all who are open to receive through this transformational and heart centered practice.  He is deeply grateful to all past and present teachers that have assisted him in his journey from Dark to Light ( Gu-ru ).

Love, Light, and Peace to All



Michele enthusiastically brings a spirit of welcoming to her classes and events. She offers Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Children’s Yoga and Sound Healing. The practice of yoga has been part of her life since she was a teen, and she has been teaching since 2011. She shares her life journey with her husband and two Siberian Huskies

Michele Maltese

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